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Brochure and Catalogue are special publication. They play an important role in the Brand Identify System (BIS) of each business, because through brochure and catalogue, customers will approach and receive information about the business at the first view. Qualitative samples are not only attractive and impressive but also reflect completely message of the operation field, mission, philosophical business, and history, trademark engagement of the business (products or services).

Apart from brochure and catalogue, to introduce products and services to customers effectively, the business should have more advertising documents, which are traditional and popular such as leaflet, flyer, poster, backpdrop… to serve as work of marketing, sale, or introducing new products. 

Similar to packaging design, publication design not only serves as work of marketing and sale, but also reflects the meaning of the trademark, the business’s responsibility for customers, public, and society. It contributes positively to the creation and saving the culture of the business.

From the above awareness, KIM NGUU always put the matter of quality products at the top. The company ensures and takes care of the quality in each designed ideas, and affirms the responsibility in each product to bring the best value to their customers.

Packaging design

Packaging design is a combination of materials, constructs, presentations, images, colors, and other factors to create the visual attraction for communication purpose, aims, and marketing strategy of a business or a product. Role of packaging is more important in the work of building up the strong and consistent trademark. Packaging not only is used for protecting, describing, and introducing a product, but also contains many factors making direct influence on customers, and their decision on selecting products the business should affirm that which real demands and needs of customers are to a product, especially to the packaging. This helps the business in orienting and designing more quickly and effectively. (Extracted Vietnambranding) 

A packaging design sample, which measures up to high quality, should build up a good first image and bring emotions for customers. It should be reflected identically and have a special style. The sample should be easy and simple for customers to recognize the trademark against to other competitive trademarks.

Packaging design not only serves as the mean of advertising, but also is a result of period of creation; a beautiful outline does not make an attractive label, the packaging firstly reflect the spirit of products to broadcast only a consistent sign from the content to the appearance of the product. In some special fields (cosmetic chemistry, pharmaceutical products), the packaging is considered as a part of the products to add more value for customers; those small and simple details will create a great competitive advantage for products against to other competitors.

To execute this, KIM NGUU has researched and analyzed the market together with the demand, the custom as well of customers to fix the first image of products. KIM NGUU has found out ideas for design and built up a complete sample in order to satisfy customers’ demands. KIM NGUU avoids repeating familiar images of other samples on the market.

Come to KIM NGUU to enjoy the engagement about quality of each publication design!

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