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Trademark is an invisible factor but it exists in customers’ mind. Building up a trademark is process of building up the belief and awareness in customers’ mind. Thus, building and managing the trademark has to execute continuous and linked activities (Administration- Marketing- Broadcasting- Designing- Sale). Publication design is a service of consulting and designing traditional advertising publications, consulting resolution on designing the Brand Identify System, which is a popular system of Garden Design. With experts on consulting, professional designers, IT engineers, and freelancers, we are confident that we will help the business to concretize their ideas into resolution on designing in order to serve as building up the trademark. 

Our services of publication design consist of:

• Designing Logo and Stationary;
• Designing Packaging;
• Designing Greeting cards and e-Cards;
• Designing Brochure and catalogue, designing poster, leaflets and backdrop;
• Consulting resolutions, designing the Brand Identify System (BIS)

Publication design brings new power for your trademark!

  • Consult solution, design the Brand Identify System (BIS)


    Brand Identify System (BIS) or Corporate Identify System (CIS) is playing an important role in the strategy of business development and becomes a part of the culture of the business. Nowadays, Brand Identify System (BIS) becomes an invisible property of the business, helps the business in affirming the trademark, and ensures the stable development of the business.

  • Publication, Brochure & Catalogue advertising - Packaging design

    Publication, Brochure & Catalogue advertising - Packaging design

    Brochure and Catalogue are special publication. They play an important role in the Brand Identify System (BIS) of each business, because through brochure and catalogue, customers will approach and receive information about the business at the first view. Qualitative samples are not only attractive and impressive but also reflect completely message of the operation field, mission...

  • Logo & Stationery Design

    Logo & Stationery Design

    Logo is a basic design factor of the trademark; it helps to create the connection between marketing documents and sale. Because it is actually considered as a unique factor without any change in these documents. A professional logo is considered as a device creating the awareness and familiarity; it also helps the business in improving customers’ belief and creating difference with competitors.

  • Greetingcards, Calendar Design


    Each year, New Year come - Spring come back, the demands Calendar and Greeting Cards New Year wishes are cultural products are indispensable in modern life, serving the needs emotional exchanges of individuals, families; strengthen relationships and promote business brand, products and services of the business. Nowadays, together with the development of the economy...

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