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In the context of globalization and in addition to industrial science revolution's progress, the world also witnesses continuous changes directly impacting every Economic – Politic – Social aspect, natural disasters, diseases, terrorism, etc which deeply change global trade balance. The change makes enterprise (small or large) to change their thinking and business model inevitably to exist, ensure development in the extremely competitive context.

The concept traditional “market” (customers and suppliers) and ultimate goal of enterprises is to create profit have been expanded including "soft factors" which decide success or failure of one enterprise. Business administration term has been supplemented with new concepts such as “stakeholders", "value for shareholders", "sustainable development" and corporate social responsibility". These are bases to create “sustainable values” and “sustainable assets” for enterprises. They may replace financial strength which becomes faint in a current unstable trading environment. The core factor to help enterprise to exist and preserve their growth model (price, quality, diversification of products) by doing well by doing good, creating “sustainable value” in addition to complying with law or saving energy, protecting environment.

From the above concepts, it’s possible to recognize that enterprises only meet social expectations and requirements with “cleaner, greener and safer” products to exist, develop. Enterprises must be aware that they are a part of the society and they have potentiality to positively contribute to implementation of expected targets of the social community efficiently to both bring benefit for them (added value + trademark reliability), protect consumers, create practical welfare for social sustainable development and general environment. To implement this, enterprises must be aware that “business philosophy” must have a sustainable point of view on every aspect of “value chain" and “business cycle”; enterprises must be aware that they can’t and shouldn’t solve by themselves. They must cooperate with other enterprises, local authorities, non-governmental and international welfare organizations, etc to create bigger value chain in order to achieve better results. All are for progress and sustainable development of the community, society.
Extracted from “Sustainable value” of Chris Laszlo.

Sustainable development is always along with values of one enterprise, Garden Design well recognize this in building their core value and business culture; it always takes interest in developing designers, information technology engineers, collaborators, etc who have good conduct and professional serving style to continuously perfect self. In addition to building enterprise culture and personality in a friendly environment, selection and establishment of partners/strategic suppliers relationship is also a top target that we aim at to create high quality products or services, meeting market/customers’ demand in the most quickly, practically way.

  • Difference is a key to create success.
  • Profession is creative competence.
  • Quality prestige is foundation of sustainable development.
  • Real value sharing is a target and motive power of existence.
  • Vietnamese trademark upgrade is desire of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs

Garden Design ensures to bring customers “Unique – Creative – Impressive and Professional” graphic design service products, ensures that feeling about our service products quality is the same at everywhere, at any time in customers’ heart and mind.


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